I made my first investment at ages eleven. I was wasting my life up until then

“I was knew I was going to be rich I don’t think ever doubted it for a minute”

Warren Buffet’s Quotes

What kind of investment is best?

Or is it suitable for me?

  • Deposit
  • Franchise
  • Property
  • Stock
  • Gold
  • ORI
  • Mutual funds
  • Sukuk

For a better future, we need to reserve the funds we have from now on. From what age do we realize this?

While Warren Buffet himself realized this at the age of ELEVEN YEAR.


And we too must believe that someone is born not with the fate of POOR, but it must be full of confidence that we must be RICH.

All this is key and must be prepared through now.


Currently there are many investment options that can be taken by individuals or groups. Financial institutions such as banks and non-banks can be an option to invest.

If someone who wants to invest is the type of person who is conservative then he will tend to choose the bank as a means to store wealth and also invest. In addition to conservative there is also a more moderate person which do not focus too much on conventional facilities such as banks only. There is also a more aggressive type that try to find a means of investment with high profits. Indomed Universal is here to help you in choosing the kind of investment that is safe, reliable and of course can give big yield, such as:


* Deposit

* Mutual Fund

* Investment in fixed income in securities

* Investment in assets


We are always open for consultation. Any information we provide is free because we want to provide the best for you. Every product we offer has obtained permission from OJK so it is certainly legal and will provide benefits for you. Feel free to ask us about these products. We are ready to provide information that will help you get the best.

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