About Us

Indo Media Universal is a company that provides SOLUTIONS starts from family problems in general to health and fund management for a better future. We treat every client like our big family members.
We use the Exclusive Retirement approach, starting with personal communication regarding lifestyle issues, investment goals, health concerns and preparation for the unexpected.

SPEND YOUR TIME NOW to Contact us to find the RIGHT SOLUTION regarding Health and Financial Management issues.


PT. Indo Media Universal is a national and international company who is highly experienced in handling many clients. All of our clients, put their trust on Indo Media Universal as a mediation company who provides information for clients and managing the important aspect in client’s life.


  • Provide Consultation Service about financial and health care to Client for FREE.
  • Establish a trust-based relationship with each of our clients personally so that clients find the right solution of financial and health issues.
  • Serving Clients like our extended family members by creating a mutually beneficial long-term relationship between clients to Fund Managers, Hospitals / Clinics, Investment Management and Patents of GOOD and RELIABLE reputations.
  • Creating a Work Environment that supports the Potential Development and employee dedication
  • Determine the type of investment that is trustworthy and can provide immediate benefits for the client.
  • Helping clients in health issues through cooperation with various parties that provide international health services.

Value – Value

  • Trusted
    Indo Media Universal as a company that integrates health and financial support, works by prioritizing the trustworthiness of our clients. We have been trusted to help many individuals and families to get good health care and have a trusted investment.
  • Guaranteed
    We also provide guarantees in every investment management and health support so that our clients always get the best.
  • Experienced
    Our experienced team delivers the best for every client. With experience and connection, we are ready to support every condition faced by our clients.
  • Prioritizing Relations
    We not only work professionally, but we also help our clients like a best friend. For us, to support clients maximally, we need to have a wide relationship.
About Us

Vision & Mission

Be a leading business advisory company in Indonesia, from the supports of high quality services, high quality professionals, supporting services, and satisfied clients.


If you are eager for a vast development in investment field, we advise you to strongly consider PT. Indomed Universal as your trusted partner.

We are a company with wide network and sufficient experience in investment banking industry, capital market, and wealth management. We provide services in corporate finance, investment guidance, fund management, and valuation (and appraisal) to develop the best goal and strategy for the development of client’s business and wealth.

Advisory for Corporate Finance

1. IPO and valuation
2. Merger & acquisition
3. Debt instruments’ issuance.
4. Divestment strategy.
5. Right issue and other fund raise efforts from capital market.
6. Public expose and road show.
7. Corporate restructuring.

Financial Related Service

1. System and accounting Service.
2. Tax planning.
3. Reference for audit and legal service (support).
4. Training for knowledge in corporate finance and valuation (appraisal)

Advisory for Wealth Management

1. Instruments for fund placement.
2. Targets and opportunities for fund placement.
3. Maximizing the return of an investment.

Investment Activities

1. Fund placement for pre-IPO.
2. Fund placement for start-up.
3. Fund placement for performance development.

Advanced Advisory for Business

1. Analysis of business models.
2. Business (market) research.
3. Feasibility study.
4. Valuation of a company
5. Valuation of intangible assets.
6. Due diligence.
7. Advisory for scheme of transactions and prices.


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